Every year, the ESU provides nearly 50 scholarships for classroom teachers in their communities. ESU scholarships are for current classroom teachers attending our multi-week courses at Shakespeare's Globe, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Oxford.

NEW THIS YEAR: Every secondary school social studies, English, history and theater teacher in the United States is now eligible for a scholarship. Most of our scholarships are generously awarded by local ESU branches, depending upon where you teach. Now, we also offer "National" scholarships for teachers outside of those branch communities.

1. Find your local ESU scholarships. 

2. Read your local scholarship's application procedure. Pay attention to local deadlines! Most ESU branches will ask you to use the application form on this page. Some will interview candidates or have a unique procedure.

3. Apply!

Refund policy: Scholars will adhere to the program refund and cancellation policies.  ESU scholarship recipients will sign a contract wherein they are required to repay the entire scholarship amount (concurrent with the program's refund and cancellation policies) if for any reason they must cancel their course of study or are unable to complete the course.

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